Password Tracker Deluxe

Password Tracker Deluxe 3.63

Don't ever forget your password


  • Much easier than trying to remember passwords
  • Encrypts passwords and stores them on your desktop


  • Could be vulnerable to decryption

Very good

As the developers point out, remembering passwords can be an absolute nightmare and with more and more needed on the internet, it's an increasing headache.

Password Tracker Deluxe stores passwords and usernames securely (via encryption) on your computer so you don't have to remember them. This doesn't mean that they are entered automatically into text fields. It just means that they are easily accessible from the Windows desktop system tray which is highly convenient if you need them at short notice. Password Tracker Deluxe can also remind you to change your passwords, and even assist you in creating newer, random and more secure passwords if you feel they are not secure enough or vulnerable to decryption. If you feel secure enough doing so, there's also the option to print out your passwords in a huge list or export them to an Excel file.

This is a very simple program that does it's job well and presuming that it never gets decrypted by outside forces, you should surf with peace of mind.

How many passwords do you have to remember? It seems like everywhere you go on the internet you have to register and create a new username and password!

Do you have them written down on little pieces of paper? Are they on little sticky notes attached to your computer monitor? How do you keep track of them all and are they secure? There has to be a better way...

Password Tracker Deluxe


Password Tracker Deluxe 3.63

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